Pressure is on

Determination and passion play a huge role in my life with my high level of intense angling. I dream of casting out a line each and every moment this life gives me. I guess you could say I count trout rather than sheep;as I lay my soul to sleep. My days this week for Fly Fishing were scattered, yet I took full advantage. I was up at the crack of dawn Monday morning, full of cheer and excitement that my time on the water has come for me. The weather here is hot; I still strive to excel. I am … Continue reading Pressure is on

Last Chance Cast

Spending the day on the river starting in the Lower Provo River in Utah downstream to upstream with this amazing angler was an adventurous day. We had such an amazing day. Bringing in a smaller brown on this set as my friend stood back taking pictures, knowing this Is one feeling that bring us out;the tug. I was much deeper into this run in faster waters;brown set on a SOW bug size 18. Staying on this run for a few more hours the day seemed to get slower, casting away staying patient for the next set to arrive. It’s … Continue reading Last Chance Cast

Respect The Waters Among Us

Waiting for the day to arrive where I again can cast my line, tie on flies and heal from the wounds within;  at times can be draining mentally,emotionally and physically. When the day arrives, I am gone at the crack of dawn, if not before. I find myself in surroundings such as this; I am grateful, mind clear, balance centered. Reading the waters and what they have done since I last appeared. They have raised;faster yet readable. I watch this run that appears above. The fish seem to be active and in sight. PMD’S and BWO’s are hatching all around … Continue reading Respect The Waters Among Us


Fishing adventures these last two days were memorable and full of traveling. I wandered the Unitas solo. Many cast into waters, I lost a few, netted a few and waited and waited for the rest. Journeys that bring balance and harmony. Sun shinning aggressively, winds blowing calmly. I remain grounded with self assurance for that my next move; I am safe. Many smaller Browns captured my lines using WD, Rs2, SOW bugs and the famous Ray Charles. The learning and challenges that new waters can be, keep me interested and challenged. Hiking in the depths of brush and trails I … Continue reading Serenity

Picture Perfect

Becoming content, setting aside confusion the world can bring to the strong.,to the weak.,makes those moments of strength-survival… the moments of weakness disappear even if  just for a brief moment, centering the mind to the ground you find yourself within… standing tall; you will not bring me down. I am on my knees heal me….  Continue reading Picture Perfect


My father months ago passed down to me an old tackle box of his, mainly fishing items for a spinning outfit. Digging through I found an old license of his from 1974. Six  years before I was born. He purchased this license in New Mexico. I remember when. I was younger listening to his stories about his favorite places to fish. New Mexico was one of them. Today, we share the same passion. I am making memories to last a lifetime with my Father; never take for granted what life brings us and offers us. Make your days count. TIGHT … Continue reading Memories

Nice female Rainbow

Caught on a dry fly on the Provo River in Utah. Monday, June 1, 2015. This bad boy hit hard, at this moment I knew I was in for a great fight. She took me downstream for a 20 min fight, into my backing and through 6 anglers that were excited to she her safe netting and release. CPR. (Catch Picture Release). She’s not my biggest to date rainbow, but she will always be remembered. Together We Fly On Get your lines wet friends, let those reels scream and never give up. Continue reading Nice female Rainbow


Spending countless hours casting in the depths of the rivers ripples, I seek serenity, peace of mind;stillness. Maintaining & understanding the waters movement. I love watching the children and elders excitement when they set the hook. I can relate. This week was spectacular. Fishing the Provo River in Utah day in an day out, from Sun rise to Sun down. Until we meet again, TIGHT LINES AND SCREAMING REELS Nice Brown Trout caught on SOW bug with a safe release. Rainbow caught on my attractor fly, emergers. Brown Trout caught on a dry fly Continue reading Passion